Services for gifted students who need academic challenge and students with learning difficulties:

D: Students who do not speak English fluently are pulled from class for extra help. There is a reading specialist but more than one teacher has said that the native English speakers don't qualify because there are so many kids below them. Speech therapy is hard to get and parents pay for it out of pocket. You have to search on your own for a therapist. Kids who are working above grade level are not challenged because teachers are dealing with most children who do not speak fluent English. My children were not challenged in reading until I put my foot down and asked for their reading levels to be tested again. My son went up 4 levels! It is disappointing. Native English speakers who enter kindergarten and are already able to read should be reading from the beginning, not at the end of the year. Most non-Spanish speakers have a Spanish tutor in addition to the Spanish class because it is not meeting the needs. - Apr 2014

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