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Real School Reports are an invaluable source of unofficial information from real expats like you. If you are an expat we urge you to submit your own report about a school that you are familiar with.

Please keep in mind:

  • Please leave questions to which you have no response or that don't apply to you blank; they will automatically be removed from the final report.
  • Our reports are valuable because they are based on direct personal experiences, which vary from family to family. Please include any anecdotes and examples that will be helpful to other families, while avoiding generalizations which may not be valid for others and which may even represent defamation of the school. (For instance, “This school tolerates bullying” is a potentially defamatory generalization, while “My second-grader experienced bullying, and the administration did not seem to listen to our concerns” is an honest report of a personal experience). All Real School Reports (just like Real Post Reports) will be edited prior to publishing. If you feel that your report has been edited erroneously, please contact us.

Note: The School Report form will time out after 4 hours and fail to submit. If you think you might need more than 4 hours to complete the questions we recommend first saving your answers in a separate document. This is necessary for security and to avoid requiring you to create an account and log in when you visit our site. Thank you very much!

Your post will be saved and reviewed by editorial staff prior to publication; it will not appear on the site until the editing and review process is complete. Please contact the editors at [email protected] if you wish to confirm submission of your report.

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