How is the overall communication between teachers and parents, and the administration and parents? How is communication facilitated?

The communication between teachers and parents is totally dependent on the teacher. One year we felt totally lost as to the daily classroom activities and then the following year we were almost over-informed. Almost all communications are electronic, which some people embrace and others don't. - Jun 2018

Communication has been mixed in my six years experience. Some teachers reach out to parents, others send nothing even when kids are struggling. Major changes (to curriculum, grading system, program offerings, teaching staff) have sometimes been communicated well to parents by the administration, other times not. The website was updated but it is still difficult to find info (e.g. how to reach a teacher). I feel the current administration can sometimes be a bit defensive rather than engaging on controversial decisions, but in the big picture are open to listening. The elementary, middle, and high schools operate separately, which sometimes complicates effective communication. - Jan 2018

A- teachers were amazing and great at communicating with parents quickly. - Mar 2014

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