Kingston - School Report Question and Answers

Are there are any problems with exclusionary behavior, cliques, or bullying at this school? Please describe any problems your children may have experienced in this area.

I haven't heard about this being a problem the way I have in our previous schools. - Sep 2023

Not that I am aware. - Mar 2017

There is no racial discrimination, but some families who have been at Hillel for a long time think they own the school. It is really annoying because they tend to be the white upper class or others of the upper class (irrespective of skin tone) who feel they are the "chosen few". I find that mildly amusing because those with that attitude tend to be mono-lingual and not very smart. There is a wide variety of students at Hillel, mostly Jamaican, but Jamaica is very diverse and then you throw in the Canadians and Europeans and it is just a nice comfortable environment for all. With regard to the bullying, the headmaster has no tolerance for that. Nearly all of the bullying (or just rude comments) refer to gays, which has been really hard to accept. It is mostly the children at the high school who make rude comments, and their attitudes reflect the country: super homophobic. Jamaica is the most homophobic place I have ever lived in or visited. - Jun 2016

No, not that I have seen at the younger elementary level. However, I have heard stories from parents of older children where this has been an issue. The middle and high schools are very small and I could see that there could be a problem of a child being excluded since there are not a lot of different groups in which to socialize. - May 2016

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