What personal or academic counseling resources are available at this school? Is there a dedicated college counselor at the school? Is he/she familiar with universities worldwide?

All the HS counselors are "college" counselors, but they see kids from grades 9-12. In our experience, they are not great but I'm really not sure if that's because they feel like they deal with unreasonable parents or they are just bad at their jobs. As we prepare to navigate the college admissions process with our oldest, neither of us is filled with confidence they know what they are doing, or that they can provide the guidance necessary. - Dec 2019

This school seems primarily dedicated to college admissions (at least at the HS level) and the few events I have attended ramp up parental anxiety. I feel like not enough attention is paid to students' social/emotional well being at these events. In our experience, academic/college counseling is luck of the draw- there are three HS counselors. The school appears geared toward getting kids into top schools, but will also discourage kids from "shooting high", which seems counterintuitive. It also seems that families with special needs kids are left to their own devices - the school provides little in the way of learning support and families with kids with more than mild learning or behavioral issues are not served well in my opinion. Other international schools in the region are making great strides in this arena, AES does not appear to do so. - Oct 2018

F: Lost a great MS counselor and have not yet rebuilt staff -- friendly but ineffective.HS has zero family support, poor college enrollment support and career advising.HS counselors want to avoid risk of engaging too much with students - so tend to push off problem solving.Hard to know if they are aware of drug problem in HS. - May 2011

D; One of the middle school counselors is terrific, but the counselor for the 8th grade is not.This counselor told me that she had never spoken to my child personally, but then proceeded to criticize my child and list her concerns. - Jan 2011

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