How is the overall communication between teachers and parents, and the administration and parents? How is communication facilitated?

Only in the middle school I have ever had ANY communication from a teacher. In our 1.5 year in the HS, zero communication from teachers (I guess that's good? It's just different from our past schools). Only occasional emails from the HS admin regarding events/testing, etc. Zero communication from the HS "college" counselors. Depending on who you get as your counselor (by last name), be prepared to do the college stuff yourself with your kid. - Dec 2019

Hard to say...there is an effort to send out weekly electronic newsletters, but some information is repetitive and dated, or does not appear in a timely manner. There are many community activities for which large fees are charged- tickets will be on sale on campus during the day (inconvenient for working parents) and prices will skyrocket if purchased at the door- a recent Diwali event charged $30 USD at the door. It is unclear what certain events are/ their purpose and the school appears to operate under the assumption that everyone has been there for years- very little in the way of event description. - Oct 2018

C:Depends on the teachers.Middle school teachers tried hard to keep open communications. HS - we saw a decline in communication with parents except for the 2x year PT meetings (speed dating with your kid's teacher) - May 2011

D;Teachers send electronic newsletters; however, they do not communicate.When one has a concern, they do not listen.Many parents have been very upset about the no homework policy of the elementary school, but the teachers and principal refuse to listen to the concerns. - Jan 2011

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