Geneva - School Report Question and Answers

Would you choose this school again? Why?

Yes. - Oct 2013

We are so unhappy with this school, and have been told in no uncertain terms by many, many parents that the other schools in the area we might choose if we wanted to switch, all have their own equal but different problems (and some problems that are just the same), so it's not worth trading the devil you know, as they say. So we have decided to curtail out of Switzerland. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous country, in a fantastic location, and the Swiss and French people have been great, and we love our jobs here, but it's a horrible school situation. So though we've never curtailed from anywhere before, we will curtail from Geneva for one reason only: the schools are awful. CDL, which is the only one I can say from personal experience, is far and away the worst school my children have ever attended, and this is our 6th expat experience. I am not normally a complainer. We've enjoyed the other places we've lived and schools my kids have gone to. I have been a teacher at some of those schools, in fact. Really, this is the only place I would say this about. Do not come to Switzerland for the great schools. In fact, better to bid on this post after your kids go to college or if you have none. - Sep 2012

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