Geneva - School Report Question and Answers

Are there academic requirements such as trips or other activities that cost money in addition to school fees?

Yes. There are trips at the start of the year for all of the kids, which are designed to help them get to know each other and engage in out-of-classroom learning. They are considered mandatory and can be quite expensive. There are also non-mandatory trips offered, many of which are excellent. My daughter has had opportunities to go on other non-required trips -- to see Shakespeare at Stratford-on-Avon with her IB English class and to go to Paris with her IB French class. - Oct 2013

Yes! They charge outrageous amounts for everythign! Even by Swiss standards. The PE uniform cost us $180 per child! Lunch, we did the math, costs $19.00 per DAY, and is not that good. I pay half of that at work for a lunch that's very nice and provided by a private contractor, just like they have at their school, so this is absolutely not necessary. it's a for profit school and you will never forget that it is. Most schools provide books. Not this school. You have to buy them all. Since I am with the US Government, I get that cost reimbursed, but if you don't get it reimbursed, it's incredibly expensive and absolutely unheard of to not just have class sets and loan them to kids for the year, take them back, then loan them to the next year's kids, charging only if a kid loses a book. - Sep 2012

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