Geneva - School Report Question and Answers

Please describe any classes or programs that you believe are missing:

IB music and/or drama. - Oct 2013

Sports, after school activities, languages at all levels for the different grades. The school told my daughter shoudl could take Italian, German or Spanish. She signed up for Italian. They put her in intermediate Italian, but she doesn't speak any Italian. They never bothered to ask her. She dropped it and gave up. They told my son he could take German and French (French is required for all grade levels) so he signed up for German. He was put in Intermediate German also, though he spoke no German. Same problem. So he dropped it and took only French. So when they say "all kids can take two languages" what they really mean is "all kids can take French, and maybe one other language if the level your child is suits what we're offering at that moment." Another case of false advertising. - Sep 2012

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