Kampala - School Report Question and Answers

What services are available for students with learning disabilities at this school? Please describe your experience with these services, if applicable.

We initially chose this school for its friendly policies towards accepting and accommodating students with disabilities in the upper grades. Our experience was chaos with a turnover of the head of learning support our first year and again in the beginning of the second year. The head of school is a big supporter of inclusion and was working to make the school more accommodating but we were caught in the middle of his efforts. Not all teachers had the tools to accommodate or understand individual learning differences and there were issues with other students not being accepting of quirky kids, so overall it was a very difficult situation for our children and others. Our expections and hopes were high but my children left the school very disappointed. As a parent, I understand what the school wants to do, but it was not carried out well and there is a lot of work to be done to get ISU to be a good school for students with learning disabilities in older grades. I'd like to believe that in the future things will be much better and this will be a hidden gem for special needs kids. - Sep 2020

From all i've heard there is nothing. - Nov 2019

The school is a preschool, with a small student-teacher ratio. The teachers are able to, and do, give individual attention to each of the kids, whether showing signs of being 'gifted' or of being behind the curve. Each kid gets the encouragement, attention, and help that they need for the stage that they are at. - Sep 2018

See above - We have a special needs child who has been able to thrive at ISU as he gets specialized support he needs to do well. Careful, child specific support is provided in the classroom as well as through pull-out sessions as needed, in combination with counseling, and with special attention to assistive technologies. We are more than pleased with the special needs learning support at this school and have extended our stay in Uganda to 5 years in an effort to keep our special needs child in this school as long as possible. - Jun 2018

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