What fine arts electives are available (music, drama, visual arts)?

I understand there to be visual arts and drama (intermittently and with a local instructor with no teaching certification). Even in IB, I think these are the only two options. At the elementary level, the school loves to tout its dance and theatre program, but it is really just preparation for performances each year, which take students out of class and are, in my opinion, little more than a publicity event for the school. - Jan 2019

Music is rock band. No choir or band/orchestra instruments. One of the two music teachers was nice but the other often video taped the kids as a threat when they were misbehaving.

Drama? Not really, they put on a school wide show every Xmas or spring. I found them uncomfortably badly done.

There is an art teacher but it seemed that she was stressed about supplies all year. - Dec 2017

A. There are a great variety of electives for each grade level. Fine Arts, Music, and Dance are offered in all divisions, and Foreign Languages (Italian, German, French and Spanish) classes are offered in each grade level in both middle and high school divisions. Additionally, at the high school level, within the Fine & Performing Arts department the school offers Drama, 2D and 3D Art, B&W and Digital Photography, Band, Choir, and Video Production. The Physical Education department also offers Aerobics, Personal Nutrition, and Fitness. Christmas and end of the year drama/music/dance performances across all divisions tend to be big productions and ambitious undertakings. Monthly events include classical music performances, student art exhibits, and family dance workshops. - Sep 2013

B - All the students receive art, music, and drama.Because the school is fairly small, everybody just takes them - they are not necessarily "electives". - Aug 2011

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