Skopje - School Report Question and Answers

Are the teachers at the school required to speak English as a first language--or at least fluently?

Ostensibly, they must all be fluent. In practice, some are and some are not (including English teachers). My children report that it is not uncommon for class to be conducted in Macedonian, with students who don't speak the language left out in the cold. Also, students will frequently ask questions in Macedonian, which are then answered in the same language. - Jan 2019

Yes, everyone speaks English. Though levels vary...the PE teacher, for example, seemed to allow cursing but I don't think she knows that is frowned upon by native speakers.

All written communication from the school is clearly not written by a strong English speaker. Makes the school look unprofessional. - Dec 2017

Yes. As a native English speaker, I have never had trouble communicating in English with any of the staff. - Sep 2013

Yes - all the main teachers are native English speakers, and all the local staff speak English very well. - Aug 2011

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