Vilnius - School Report Question and Answers

What fine arts electives are available (music, drama, visual arts)?

Excellent and enthusiastic art and music programs! My kids complain about the art teacher being "too passionate" She gives homework and has high expectations of all students. The works produced are quite stunning. Music gives kids a chance to use instruments, learn voice control, and music theory. AISV has its own school song that is sung at all assemblies and events. Last year they performed their first musical, Into to the Woods, at a local theater and it was an amazing performance! My son has been cast in this year's Beauty and the Beast Jr. and he is very excited. There is also a "rock band" comprised of students and teachers that jams at assemblies and school events. - Sep 2018

A. My kids are very happy with the, art, PE, library and computers. - May 2013

A++ for Art - The art teacher is AMAZING. I never had a professor as dynamic as this teacher. She is able to run an art class for 15 students and help develop each student's own talents and confidence in their skill level. She's got kids doing pastel drawings, others quilting on the sewing machine, others working on felting projects, students on photoshop doing animation, photography, sculpture, painting.... She runs several clubs per week so that students can continue to have exposure and direction in their art. A for Drama - AISV has a new Acting Academy elective with an actress from the USA who is the director of the Vilnius Chamber Theater. She runs a acting club for lower school, a drama writing workshop and acting club for middle school students, and a Glee Club for the Upper School. B for Music - The music program seems limited. The school has grown so quickly over the years and I don't think the music program has kept up with the amount of students. The school should spend money in this department! - Apr 2013

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