Vilnius - School Report Question and Answers

Do expatriate students socialize with local students at the school? Are both groups successfully integrated into the school culture?

A bit tricky. In the lower grades, definitely, but in the upper grades it is not as mixed. I guess it really depends on the children? One of my daughters has many local friends and goes to the movies, the mall, or restaurants with them regularly. The other daughter really only connected with her American classmates and when they left post, she wanted to return to the US to finish school. I think everyone is welcome and mostly included, if they want to be, but sometimes personalities just don't click. - Sep 2018

It really depends. That hasn't been our experience, but I know many other expat kids who regularly socialize with local kids. - May 2013

Of course, it depends. There is a very large local student population, and the feeling is that since this is their country and city that they do not need the school to provide as much of the "community" as the foreign students do. I do wish the school would do more to promote "ONE COMMUNITY". - Apr 2013

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