Moscow - School Report Question and Answers

How are information technology resources at the school. Are they up-to-date? Is there a computer lab?

There were some computer labs but they have been phased out since pretty much everyone has a laptop now. Everything is quite well-resourced and items are frequently updated. - Jan 2021

A+ - laptops are available from the "computer carts" for middle school students whenever necessary.All grades and much teacher communication is online.Grade school students learn early to make presentations on power-point, etc.They use word-processing applications all the time.My daughter is required to play "math-games" on a certain website each day at home. - Dec 2012

B: It's pretty well resourced. I liked that it was all PC. They were talking about putting in some Mac computers, but honestly I'd have found that confusing to be some of each. I was very happy wtih the PC choice. Each library had a class's worth of computers for instruction and there were laptop carts that could be brought to the classroom and in elementary each gtrade level had three computers in a common area for short research that just a few kids might need, but not a whole class group. As they were near the classroom, it made it easier for the teacher to manage. In Middle School, there were many Smart Boards, but not all classes had them. I hear they were getting a full set. In Middle school and in High School there were (one ofr each) tech rooms in addition to what was in the library so a teacher could bring his or her kids to that room to run a class on the computers as needed, which we did sometimes. - Nov 2012

B-: For a school with this school's resources, I think it could do much, much better, but it's pretty good just the same. There are the usual computer rooms and roving laptop carts for classes to use as needed. There is computer time for all students through the 6th grade as a stand-alone class (IT), and after that a lot of IT support as needed. I have a Smart board in middle school, but didn't in 4th grade. Elementary is a little slow to fit out all classes with the Smart boards. Middle is doing better, but not at 100% yet. Not sure about high school. Teachers use tech in the curriculum through all grade levels. - Aug 2010

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