Moscow - School Report Question and Answers

What is the approximate teacher-to-student ratio in the grades that your child attended?

In elementary the official class cap is 22 (which would be pretty tight as the classrooms are quite small!) However, enrollment has been dropping a bit in recent years and most classes in Elementary have less than 18. Pre-K and K are even smaller at around 12. - Jan 2021

A - My daughter's class has 18 students (3rd grade), my sons classes also seem to be below 20 in middle school. - Dec 2012

A: A very good ration. I'd say about 1:18. Certianly at the middle school and elementary level. I'm less sure about high school. - Nov 2012

Usually 18:1. In certain specialists' classes (languages, health, etc.) it can be 10:1. I teach one class that's 9:1. I teach another that is 17:1. I never have more than 17 students in my current middle school schedule. - Aug 2010

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