Bratislava - School Report Question and Answers

How would you rate the school's support and welcome/integration of new students and their families, and why?

B- They could do much better with this. They have welcome events for new students but as far as helping the new kids integrate into the school/classroom, much of it is up to the individual child to figure out on his/her own. It took several months for our son to settle in here, but now he's doing great. There are a lot of rules and unspoken expectations that children learn naturally if they're in this system from the very beginning, but it's a tougher transition if they come in later. - Sep 2018

F: There is little to no support of new students and families. You can certainly meet with administrators upon request, but for a school with such high turnaround of students (as with any international school), BISB does very little to accommodate transfers, acknowledge transitions, or address family needs. In fact, Americans used to schools that have guidance counselors or counselors of some sort will be surprised to find that BISB does not have anyone of this sort. There is a staff member to address learning problems, but no one to deal with transition issues, emotional issues, or other issues. Perhaps this is the British way, but it was surprising to us. - Nov 2010

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