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A lot of the issues we had with the last year at AISJ were primarily caused by the move to the new campus. The school's start was delayed by three weeks in September, and another week in January. The administration was not straightforward about what was happening and when the school would open. I don't think this set a good precedent. We never really got that time back, except in drips and drabs. This didn't affect just the students; the teachers were also supposed to be moving to new school-supplied living quarters, and so they were living out of cardboard boxes for that entire year. That said... while the Board of Directors (none of whom have kids who attend this school by the way) remains the same, the superintendent who managed the move has since left, and they're looking for a new superintendent. And the move is done now, and the new facility really is lovely. Depending on the new hires, and which teachers elected to stay, the school could be very well organized in the future, and a really great place to be. It wasn't for us that last year, but I admit that was a singular experience, both with the move and with the third grade, and may be not applicable to future years or other grades. Would I send my son here again? For first and second grade, it's an unequivocal yes. In a heartbeat. He loved AISJ, he still misses AISJ. It was the best place for him to be at that time. That said, third grade was very difficult and in some ways, we're still dealing with the consequences of everything that happened. - Oct 2019

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