How is the overall communication between teachers and parents, and the administration and parents? How is communication facilitated?

Overall, communication has been good. Lots of opportunities to engage with the teachers and check up on student progress. Frequent newsletters from the administration. - Aug 2020

There is a weekly newsletter which is very informative. In the elementary school the teachers regularly post out to parents, and there are parent liaisons for each class which is also helpful. The meet regularly with the elementary principal. Google classroom updates can be sent weekly to parents for the older students, and Managebac access is given so you can keep up with both assignments and assessment. PTO meetings are monthly, and board meetings every second month; both are open to all parents. Policies and handbooks are online, and teachers and the Principals and Director are very friendly and willing to meet about any issues. - Mar 2019

Elementary teachers tell everything that happens in the class. They are very helpful. Whenever there is something I don’t understand about the homework, I ask the teacher and they are very responsive. Now things are better with the school newsletter, the school makes it better for us. Sometimes you hear about things from other parents. - Mar 2019

Each teacher has his own style, and our two teachers were good communicators. They had dedicated websites for the class that were updated weekly, as well as weekly emails to parents. They were very responsive when we had questions. The school administration could, however, improve communication. They converted to a single email newsletter last year, but didn't inform everyone, and so many parents didn't know to look for it. The administration was not amenable to personal emails or one-on-one meetings. - Aug 2018

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