Tegucigalpa - School Report Question and Answers

Please tell us anything else you think prospective parents and students should know about this school. Thanks for your contribution!

The communication is very loosey-goosey and can be frustrating. However, the self-directed learning is real and invaluable. Youngers kids will definitely thrive. I would examine the make up of the high school students before deciding, as my daughter was the only "gringa" and there were obvious issues with some of the other students preference to keep their little club intact. A lot of parents are going to be uncomfortable with the Montessori method, so make sure you understand it before you attend. Your child will not receive awards or trophies or inflated grades, etc. Your child will learn to learn on their own but it does not result in bragging points for parents. You're going to have to be proud of your student based solely on their personal growth....without the bumper stickers and honor rolls. - Mar 2023

Lots of parents like Discovery but it seems to be on the "ebb" side of "ebb and flow" right now. Give it a couple years and that will change, as is the norm with these international schools. Compared to AST, the students seem to be more comfortable in their own skin and less restricted at school. However, the academic performance seems to be less than AST, as well. - Mar 2023

See the school for yourself, talk to parents who have students at the school, and ground truth "information" you receive from people who do not have kids at the school. - Jul 2019

AST is an awesome school, one of the best if not the best choice of school in Tegucigalpa. Once an eagle....always an eagle ! - Sep 2018

It's a small school with a huge heart. The school prides itself to being a very inclusive school were all is welcome regardless if you know English or Spanish. This school is more international than any other school here. Parents go out together and get to know one another. I have met a lot of wonderful families outside our embassy circle with whom we will stay friends beyond being posted here. - May 2018

Even though on the surface the school looks and seems exceptional, when you scratch the surface, you see that they are sub-par with US schools and standards. - Jun 2016

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