Tegucigalpa - School Report Question and Answers

Aside from school fees, are there required expenses such as uniforms, laptops/tablets, musical instruments, or field trips that parents are expected to cover? What are the approximate costs?

No computers needed until middle school or high school. The student provides their own and can use any device of their choice. Seniors are expected to participate in a ridiculously overpriced Senior trip within Honduras...about $750 before spending money. Senior Prom fees are $1,300 for my family of 5. The entire family is expected to go and the other parents seemed bemused that none of our family was flying down from the US to attend prom. It lasts from like 7pm - 3 am and the entire family (including our 9 and 12 year olds) are expected to attend. The entire high school did a "service trip" in which very little service was conducted. My daughter opted out because she is not required to complete the service hours for the Honduran diploma. I think it was a couple hundred dollars per student. I asked the Director to send me the bill before she sent it to the Embassy. Unfortunately she ignored my request and submitted the bill with the graduation fee separated out from the tuition. Of course, the Embassy denied payment and now we are stuck with a $1,700 graduation fee. The frustration is that the fees at Acton are about half the cost of the other schools, but the other schools roll the graduation fees into the tuition. I think they realized their mistake because we are the first Embassy related family to graduate and I'm sure it will be fine for the next family....but it really stunk for us. - Mar 2023

After-school activities all had costs associated. The elementary and middle school sports teams met early Saturday morning so our child opted out. The students provided their own laptops. - Mar 2023

Uniforms are required. Students are also required to provide supplies for the year (list provided and you can buy individually or through the school book store). Elementary students need daily access to a laptop or a tablet at home to complete homework assignments on various learning apps. Some minor expenses in elementary for local field trips. - Jul 2019

No - the school is great in this aspect, they give kids tablets and also provide musical instruments. We have to get uniforms but they have material and seamstresses to help you get those ordered and fitted as soon as possible. - Sep 2018

No uniforms at Discovery as they celebrate a child's individual choice to wear clothes appropriate for school. - May 2018

uniform - Mar 2017

No. The school was very inexpensive compared with US options. - Jun 2016

Uniforms have to be purchesed. - Aug 2015

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