Tegucigalpa - School Report Question and Answers

Are other schools available to expatriates in this city? Why did you choose this particular school?

Yes. My daughter chose this because she spent preschool - 1st grade in a Montessori school. We also later homeschooled with a modified Montessori method. In addition, Montessori meets her learning style and this school also provided a US accredited diploma. Most schools say they're into "self-directed learning" but this is the 1st international school I've been to (out of 5 total experiences) that actually understands what "self-directed learning" looks like in practice. After viewing this in person on the tour, I knew this would be a great fit. - Mar 2023

There are two main international schools that US government children attend. We chose Discovery for their activities and it felt SO MUCH MORE comfortable and welcoming than AST. - Mar 2023

There are other available schools. We selected this one due to its location, after-school activities w/ busing, special services (enrichment classes for advanced child and counseling services for child with anxiety), and similarity with previous schools my children have attended. We also wanted to provide our children an opportunity to immerse in a school with Honduran children. - Jul 2019

Yes other schools are available. We found AST to be the best school in town. It is a large school with lots of opportunities for the kids. - Sep 2018

The post has other schools but Discovery school was very international and had a very open-door policy for parents and very welcoming. No bullying and fantastic small classes. - May 2018

looking for a school that did not have bullying, small with a good community yet was mature enough to assist children who needed more personalized learning - Mar 2017

The school seemed by far better equipped than others and SEEMED to be exceptional academically. - Jun 2016

Largest and most centrally located of the international schools, appeared to have many after school activities, appeared to have large expat community. - Aug 2015

Close and used by most of the Mission. - Sep 2014

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