Tegucigalpa - School Report Question and Answers

How is the overall communication between teachers and parents, and the administration and parents? How is communication facilitated?

Communication is adequate. Barely. Once, I received a WhatsApp notification for a parent-teacher meeting that I must have opened and not read. 3 months later, I get another notice about a meeting that I read. When I mentioned my apologies at the meeting they were quite unconcerned that I missed the meeting. I thought it was odd that nobody reached out a second time or confirmed it....or that they weren't bothered enough to reschedule. Obviously it was my mistake but I just found it odd that the whole interaction happened and I didn't know for 3 months that I missed it! If you need regular, professional communication, you will not be happy at Acton. Fortunately my daughter is pretty responsible and she only needed 1.5 credits her senior year to graduate, so we were very hands-off. I would have been very frustrated with this level of communication with another child who was less responsible. - Mar 2023

I was hugely disappointed with the communication as none of the teachers reached out to me when my child was struggling. We did not realize it until the end of the term and they still gave our child good grades for absolutely zero work and effort. Hugely inflated grades that affected us the following year at the new school because our student was sooooooooooooooo far behind. Incidentally, we felt that the placement test at the beginning of the year was quite meaningless. - Mar 2023

There are MANY different means used by the school and teachers to communicate information. There is a newsletter that arrives by email from the school and individual emails when needed. Each elementary class has a website where all information and assignments are posted weekly by the teachers. Some teachers also use ClassDojo to share information and photos. - Jul 2019

10/10 We received weekly emails from teachers and middle school director. - Sep 2018

Email and what's app chats and letters sent home. They also have a blog - May 2018

good. email or text - Mar 2017

Communication was good. I felt comfortable walking into the class and asking the teacher questions directly. - Jun 2016

D I have not heard from any teachers at all. They would probably meet with me if I requested. - Aug 2015

OK. - Sep 2014

A -- This probably depends on the teachers, but I have had 3 and have had good communication with all. The school utilizes blogs to share weekly needs/plans/announcements. My teachers have been easily accessible and responsive by email,phone and text. - Aug 2013

A. His primary teachers were both excellent at communication, they were there whenever I needed anything. - Aug 2013

Acceptable - teachers will communicate with parents. Just be prepared to be unsatisfied with the answers and to have no recourse besides changing schools. - Apr 2013

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