Accra - School Report Question and Answers

Please describe some of your child's/children's highlights and challenges during their time at this school.

The teachers are great with the students but for us, we found the Administration to be lacking Challenges: Obviously COVID-19 has been hard, but the school's response compounded the problem. They were/are disorganized and reluctant to re-open even though all the other schools have. For example, an email was sent at 5am for certain kids to come to campus that day by 8am. Sometimes emails come out at 11pm for a situation the next day. Due to COVID, some teachers left Ghana and tried to do online classes from the U.S. making my kids have meetings as late at 10pm locally. - Mar 2021

Trying new sports, getting a chance to star in the school play, choir solo. Challenges have included a bit of a party scene amongst upper grade kids with pretty permissive parents. LCS has been a construction site for the past year and a half as they build a state of the art elementary building that has been delayed. It will be great when it opens but the middle and high school facilities pale in comparison. Hopefully Phase 2 will come quick! - Jan 2020

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