Would you choose this school again? Why?

Yes. After being at a new post and seeing how unhappy my kids are, I would go back there again. I chose a strict school after EARJ, thinking that would motivate my kids, but it didn't. They did well and were happy (in general) at EARJ because they felt accepted and loved. If you are trying to get your kid into Harvard, stick with Asian posts where there is a ton of pressure. If your kid just needs to feel loved and safe-- give EARJ a try. They appeared to be tightening standards and focusing on teachers' professional development when we left. Brazilians are very kind to kids, and that shows at EARJ. - Aug 2015

Definitely if the other options remained the same.Broad curriculum that included the arts, character-building emphasis, caring staff and welcoming community. - Jun 2011

Definitely!I wish we could go back.We loved everything about it and my children love to visit and attend class whenever they can (even giving up vacation days).I also liked that even though it's a relatively expensive school, it wasn't THE most expensive expat school and the other kids and families - even if they were wealthy - were down to earth, friendly, and did not ooze arrogance that you sometimes see among the elite.I also loved that they had uniforms, so no debates about what to wear. - Jun 2011

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