How is the overall communication between teachers and parents, and the administration and parents? How is communication facilitated?

Teachers communicate fairly well with us on a regular basis, even with limited English teachers (of which there are quite a few). In our experience, the administration is not great at communicating with parents and often don't follow through with "next steps", etc. - Oct 2018

A Excellent-- through power school and frequent teacher emails. This place was much more like the U.S. than our current post. We are blessed in that regard in Rio. We had caring teachers (Brazilian and American alike) who really got to know us and our kids. - Aug 2015

B - agendas, regular PTCs and email availability for special issues but I would prefer to have online tests/scores/quizzes available as well rather than just seeing files of work later on and a few examples during PTC.A couple times I had no idea there were issues (b/c one of my children is particularly close-mouthed about his life and he wasn't doing poorly, just not his best) - Jun 2011

AScores and grades available online for parents, agendas to communicate daily things, just enough PTCs, emails for any other questions - Jun 2011

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