San Salvador - School Report Question and Answers

Please tell us anything else you think prospective parents and students should know about this school. Thanks for your contribution!

We would encourage new parents to check out all schools And not go immediately to the American school because they think they know the American system or where their sponsors' kids go or whatever. Every school in every country is different so it's important to check them all out. And I would say not to be afraid of the British system. It's really an international system and encourages a global student. We have met a few families at the embassy who have actually changed schools after assuming they would be most comfortable at the American school but learned later they weren't and others who said they wish they had switched after they saw what ABC had to offer (more hands-on, performing arts programs, IB etc) and its way with its students and its values. - May 2018

I really believe that school administration has everything to do with the kind of experience you have at a school. Right now the ABC has some fantastic administrators in both the lower and the upper schools. I have heard other families say that the previous administration was much more difficult to deal with. Always check out the administration when you're making your school decision. This administration seems very responsive to parent concerns and is just generally competent. Also, consider the length of your stay here. The British school is a great option if you will be in San Salvador for several years and are likely to continue with the British system afterward. Especially as kids get older, the system is more differentiated from the American system, so if you're going to be in El Salvador for only a year or two and then go back to the US, it might be better to stay with the US system (American school). Adjusting to the new system takes some time, and there are inevitably gaps in what the kids have/haven't learned. That said, we came from a mostly American system and will go back to a mostly American system next year, and I don't for a minute regret putting my kids in this school for two years. - Nov 2016

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