San Salvador - School Report Question and Answers

What services are provided for speakers of English as a second language at this school? Please describe your experience with these services, if applicable.

Classes are taught in both Spanish and English, then as the kids progress through the school, they phase out the Spanish. This is probably great for the locals, the Salvadoran kids graduate with excellent English, but it is frustrating for non-Spanish speaking kids in the lower grades who don’t know what’s going on. Since it’s all informally mixed together and not differentiated, it’s not exactly an immersion experience and they don’t pick up Spanish like you’d hope. - Mar 2022

The majority of the school is speakers of English as a second language. I don't know how they handle older kids who come in without English, if it's feasible. For those who don't speak Spanish, they have a separate class for them until the student's Spanish is strong enough to integrate with their class. Both my kids are integrated in their class now, not fluent but they can function. - Sep 2020

Most kids at the school are Salvadoran and English is their second language so there are English classes available and tutoring. - May 2018

Separate classes for speakers of English as a second language take place during the native-Spanish classes. These are offered daily or twice daily. I have been happy with my kids' Spanish teachers; the first year we were here, the kids took Spanish classes twice a day, in groups of 1-4 kids. - Nov 2016

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