San Salvador - School Report Question and Answers

What extra-curricular activities (including sports) are available at this school? Have your children participated in these activities? What activities do you feel are missing at the school?

Basketball, soccer, track and field, volleyball, table tennis, handball are all offered this year. Swimming is the big one that is missing. - Aug 2023

Extracurricular activities for the younger kids have still not resumed. I’ve heard they’ve resumed for the older kids, but nobody knows how to sign up for them, so most families just seek out extra activities outside the school. There are swimming, dancing, yoga, soccer, tennis classes that are common choices. - Mar 2022

Basketball, football, archery, ping pong, handball, dance, swimming and more for sports Chorus, piano, Walk with Jesus, communion prep (not a religious school but a few Christian clubs), flauta, math club For the little ones, painting, blocks, etc Non sport extras could be stronger but my oldest loved the sports options. - Sep 2020

Lots of offerings, swimming, soccer, basketball, track, music, drama, film and animation and several academic clubs, Orchestra/lessons, etc. My kids have done a bit of it all. - May 2018

Tons, and they're all free! My kids have taken archery, wall climbing, sewing, cross-stiching, track and field, rugby, Minecraft world creation, choir, crochet, and others. Some of the extras they haven't participated in include swimming (ABC has the best swim team in the country), underwater (diving) games, basketball, cricket, Catholic religion, Chinese, bicycling, golf, movies, homework hour, cooking, math games, science experiments, etc. - Nov 2016

There are a few, but again the size of the school limited those opportunities - Oct 2011

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