San Salvador - School Report Question and Answers

Is the amount and type of homework generally appropriate for the age and grade of the students?

I've never been a big advocate of homework for younger kids, but I think what EA requires is ok. It's usually just reading for 20 min and maybe a quick math assignment on IXL (app) twice a week. A couple days a week they also get a Spanish reading assignment. - Aug 2023

Yes. Primary students do not receive much homework which we find is good for the kids. - Sep 2020

My kids don't geta ton of homework. Only when they have project or before an exam do they seem to have to hit the books hard. Or work on the weekend. Most of the time it's just an hour of something. (IB students have more) - May 2018

Yes. Lower-school students have an assignment once a week maybe, and they are asked to read daily. Starting in about 6th grade, homework starts feeling heavier. My 6th grader does maybe 3-4 hours of homework a week. My 8th grader does 5 or 6, maybe. - Nov 2016

Yes - Oct 2011

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