San Salvador - School Report Question and Answers

Are the teachers at the school required to speak English as a first language--or at least fluently?

Yes, the grade level teachers all speak English, although most are local teachers and bilingual. Some of the specials teachers have more limited English. There seem to be more American teachers this year than last year. - Aug 2023

Yes. - Mar 2022

All teachers in Prepa are British, at the critical age when they begin to read. All other years have one British teacher and the rest are Salvadoran. The Salvadorans speak English well, but not perfectly. They make regular grammar errors when speaking. Since our kids speak English at home, it is not a concern for me. - Sep 2020

Most teachers speak English and the kids have mostly British teachers. There are a couple of teachers who don't and it can be challenging at times for some but an interpreter can be arranged if it's an issue. - May 2018

Yes. Not all of them are very good at it though. My kids struggle to understand some of the teachers. - Nov 2016

The school is taught half in English, half in Spanish. They do have an English language class as well as a Spanish language class. Math and Science were taught in English, most others in Spanish. - Oct 2011

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