San Salvador - School Report Question and Answers

How is the overall communication between teachers and parents, and the administration and parents? How is communication facilitated?

Communication comes out both by emails and by WhatsApp. The school sends out weekly newsletters on Fridays. Overall, the communication is good. - Sep 2020

A lot of communication for the older kids is directly between teachers and kids online nowadays. But anything we parents need to know is usually emailed to us from the admin offices. I also check with my kids daily to see if i am missing anything. And I will email the admin offices or a teacher in a minute if I want answers about something and usually get a quick pleasant reply. The embassy parents often whats app if we have a question too. Each grade has a 'den mother' who emails stuff (nonstop) so that's a good way to work on your Spanish and get info. Although I have replied in English as many moms speak English too. - May 2018

Fantastic. There's a weekly newsletter, and teachers can easily be reached by email. All of the staff and administration have been very responsive whenever I've contacted them. - Nov 2016

A, really great effort made by the staff to inform me when there were issues and productive parent/teacher conferences - Oct 2011

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