Do expatriate students socialize with local students at the school? Are both groups successfully integrated into the school culture?

In our first year here, our kids were the first expat kids. They were embraced whole-heartedly. I couldn't have been happier when, on our first day, my then five-year old came out at pick-up with two new Argentine friends holding her hands, happy and curious to be with her. Her class was so excited to have a new girl in their midst--and an American on top of that! They really embraced her, and she now is speaking Spanish like an Argentine, and, I think, her class treats her like one of them. In our second year here, other expat families arrived--one Finnish, some Brazilian, another American--and they were also accepted very easily. It does help, however, for at least one parent to be able to speak Spanish--just to make the transition more smooth. - Aug 2019

yes - students of various cultures and backgrounds mix easily.The student body is a good mix of Argentines, expats from many countries, and North Americans.There doesn't appear to be any one group in the majority. - Jul 2012

Yes, to birthday parties and sleep overs just as in the US. - Jun 2011

yes - Apr 2011

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