What activities do you feel are missing?

Sports for high schoolers that develop skills for all in a fun, balanced and supportive manner.Soccer is a main sport. Because Argentine schools don't have sports teams, there is not much play against other schools or sports clubs.There are sports exchanges once or twice a year with other regional American schools.High school boys' soccer is coached by contract coaches, non-teachers at the school.Weekly practices revolve around play between Lincoln high schoolers.The contract coaching staff does not succeed or is not trained in positive interaction with participants in a way that promotes skills and self-esteem for all and emphasizes health and well-being and fun.There is an over-emphasis on the outdated model of competition and playing only the best players.Favoritism and lack of transparency for student athletes selected for special games, exchanges or opportunities is an outcome.The high school administration does not get involved much in decisions made by the contract coaches, even when parents raise concerns. - Jul 2012

My daughter wishes they would offer gymnastics - Jun 2011

very satisfied - Apr 2011

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