Pristina - School Report Question and Answers

Greatest challenge?

Ends after 5th grade... - Feb 2016

The greatest challenge would be the missing IB and the fact that there is a high turnover in teachers. This school was founded by missionaries who wanted to provide a first world education to locals. The teachers are all working on a voluntary basis - they don't get a salary, so they have to find a sponsor. For that reason, many teachers only stay for a year or two. (You won't be encountering that missionary character at the school at all. When I heard about this, I was very surprised. The school is secular in all things that matter.) - Apr 2014

The school is small and this limits what it can offer. I think they are doing a great job, and I wished they would go on beyond fifth grade (which, for space and legal reasons, is just not possible). - Mar 2014

Overall, the small size of the school creates some limits as to what can be offered. - Mar 2014

Growing while still keeping the same spirit. - Nov 2012

The size of the school is growing year by year, so there are issues of growing the staff to keep up with the children for example a 5th grade will probably be offered next year. - Oct 2012

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