Pristina - School Report Question and Answers

Describe the general climate of the grade level that you teach or your child attends:

Full of kids from all over the world with great teachers and teaching tools to excite their learning. - Feb 2016

This is a small school with about 150 students where there is an incredible stimulating atmosphere. Within weeks of attending the school, my daughter was encouraged to: a) take one book a week from the school library and demand that we read it at home and get a new book the following week b) even in Kindergarten she started having IT classes which got her literate in using of computers, something that is much more advanced than other schools in Prishtina for children who are not yet attending primary school c) she had a choice of after-school clubs to attend such as science, dancing, cooking, arts & crafts, choir, guitar and piano lessons and Albanian classes. d) they take school trips which are inclusive of parents too e) my child grows up in a very diverse environments where in a class of 15 students, there are 10 different varied mother tongues - which means she comes back home with a wide view of the world since her friends come from all over the world - Feb 2016

My son seems very happy in his class. His classmates are very pleasant and I whenever I'm there, I'm struck by the friendliness of everybody. Of course, this is Kosovo, where friendliness is a basic character trait! His teacher is open and caring which is very important to us. - Apr 2014

My kids seem very happy in their classes. Class size varies from over 10 to just 5. - Mar 2014

My boys are always happy when they come home from school. The environment seems relaxed and calm with appropriate discipline. There are 13 children in the classroom and they all get along very well. The boys are excited about what they are learning and doing in school. - Mar 2014

Excellent school with motivated teachers, lovely and active parent community, very diverse student body. - Nov 2012

Excellent class, native English speaking teacher who has her teaching certification from United Kingdom.The school is following the Common Core Curriculum (Massachusetts State Curriculum) and has spent a lot of money recently on new text books from the USA for Language Arts (Houghton Miflin) and Mathematics (EveryDay Math from University of Chicago) and Science (Scott Foresman) - excellent resources. Very positive class atmosphere, small class size (12 children currently in the class)and one teacher plus one assistant. No complaints whatsoever.Also the teacher is very good with parent-teacher communication and encourages parents to either send emails or meet with her whenever they have a question or concern. - Oct 2012

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