Pristina - School Report Question and Answers

How are information technology resources at the school. Are they up-to-date? Is there a computer lab?

PHS does have an IT Section and a computer lab. - Jan 2020

There are professional IT-staff members employed. - Dec 2019

computer lab and classes - Feb 2016

A - Feb 2016

There is a new computer lab and the IT department is very good. Modern technologies are incorporated into the lessons. Math, for example, uses a mixture of Khan Academy and worksheets. Videos and whiteboards are also in use. - Apr 2014

B - The kids have access to a computer lab and get regular ICT classes from an early age on. - Mar 2014

There is a computer lab with a desk top computer for every child in the class, however the classrooms are not set up with any special technology, and are more traditional (no interactive whiteboards yet...)_ - Nov 2012

Athe school offers a ICT program.The computer room has 12 desk top computers, so there is one computer terminal per child. Children from Kindergarten up take ICT class twice per week. - Oct 2012


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