Pristina - School Report Question and Answers

What is the approximate teacher-to-student ratio in the grades that your child attended?

7th grade = 11 students per class, with students rotating to different classrooms, each being taught by one teacher. 3rd grade = 13 students with one homeroom teacher responsible for Math, English, Science and Social Studies, and additional teachers for Albanian Language and Art, Music and Drama. - Jan 2020

There are around 15 kids in the youngest classes. In 1st grade there are 2 teachers during the regular classes (besides gym, art class, etc) - Dec 2019

12:1 with a part-time assistant added, more or less. - Feb 2016

A - Feb 2016

About 10:1. - Apr 2014

A - The ratio is small and in most cases, the classes have a TA as well. - Mar 2014

A - Mar 2014

A+ the teacher to student ratio is set at 6 children per adult, and the administration sticks to that limit - Nov 2012

A+(Ratio is strictly held to 6 children per 1 adult, so the largest classes are only 12 children with 1 teacher and 1 teacher's assistant) - Oct 2012

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