Beijing - School Report Question and Answers

What fine arts electives are available (music, drama, visual arts)?

Choir, Music Studio, Film Music, Band, Orchestra, Drama, Art, Photography, Film and more are available--what I have seen is very impressive. My son has improved dramatically after he joined band here compared with before. - Jun 2023

Kids usually have 2 arts related periods in middle/high school. Design is a part of school starting in elementary and includes everything from building in one of the wood-working shops to designing in one of the schools kitchen classrooms. This is part of the curriculum and blows my mind when I see what my kids are being exposed to. My middle schooler built a bluetooth speaker - designed it first in the classroom, built the wood box exterior, and then built the electronic components to go inside. In addition to design this year seems to include a visual art and a performance art. My kids have studied strings, band, and drama, have painted, sculpted, etc in art. These things are also available as clubs/after school activities. - Dec 2022

There are a multitude of options in this regard. Students are WAB are always encouraged to pursue all of their passionate endeavors, therefore there are many options provide both before and after school. This ranges from sports, swimming, dance, performing arts, all musical instruments, STEM activities, robotics etc. - Nov 2022

Music, drama, art, film. There is a yearly play and musical in the high school. - Mar 2021

The partnership with Juilliard makes the arts an important part of student life. - Mar 2019

Yes but not a large amount of students in the arts. - Apr 2018

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