Beijing - School Report Question and Answers

How would you rate the school's support and welcome/integration of new students and their families, and why?

Each of the kids had a buddy to welcome them and show them around the school, even though we arrived late in the school year. For our kids it was pretty seamless. For parents it was harder because we arrived during COVID times and had limited access to campus. Off-campus and online events were organized to help provide opportunities to connect for parents. - Jun 2023

Very supportive. My high schooler has attended 7 schools and said the staff and kids welcomed her from the first day. All of my kids were assigned a buddy on their first day and all found the staff and students helpful and kind in welcoming them. - Dec 2022

Incredible! I feel the transition to WAB was extremely smooth and this was in the midst of the pandemic. I feel this was because of the culture of WAB that is deeply built on inclusion and SEL in the early years. I felt all teachers involved with my children know them on a deep level and know not just academic achievements, but their emotional and personal achievements as well. - Nov 2022

They do a good job but you will get more out of the school if you get involved: Attend the parent coffees, join the class WeChat groups and volunteer. Many compounds also have unoffical WAB family WeChat groups which are also helpful. - Mar 2021

The school assigns each new student a ‘buddy’ to help each new child integrate and feel like part of the community. There is zero tolerance for bullying. That said, this is a British school and they rarely involve parents unless there is a serious issue. - Mar 2019

Good, admissions and counselors are great and helpful. - Apr 2018

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