Amman - School Report Question and Answers

Describe the physical education resources at the school. Is there a gym? A swimming pool? Are there playing fields or tennis courts available?

I think PE is the weakest area at the school. Seems like the gym teachers just sit on the side and let the kids have a free period. The athletic director is great and has gone to great lengths to piece together activities something that the kids do during the terrible, awful, always evolving covid-times. Swimming pool is amazing. Great facilities for other sports. My kids played volleyball, badminton, track, cross country soccer and basketball. Even though COVID ruined most tournaments and games, they still had a great time and it was how they met most of their friends. - Jul 2022

The school advertises itself as a sports school but we found the facilities to be poor (pool is the exception) and you had to drive a lot to other places because transportation is not provided for activities. Limited team sports and even less for girls. Many families chose to enroll in outside programs which we found to be poorly organized and often ran late (as in games were scheduled but didn't start until 1-1.5 hours late). They had a fabulous swimming pool. - Feb 2021

Yes. Building a pool. Big playing fields. - Sep 2019

Great gym. Amazing pool. Huge fields, tennis courts, and even (ahem) the "King's riding stable" if you fancy horseback riding for an after school activity. - Nov 2018

Lots of room for play. Swimming pool will be built soon. That being said, my son is on the swim team that is twice a week after school. Kids ride the bus there. - Feb 2018

Amazing facilities. Campus is laid out like a small college with lots of open space, a lower campus with full size track and soccer field, plus a large pool and weight room. Interestingly, there is no PE program or classes. Students have mandatory "co-curriculars" that take place in the afternoons that can include sports. - Apr 2017

There is a gym and an outdoor playing field, which is covered in Astroturf. A swimming pool is under construction. - Aug 2016

Pretty good and getting better. ICS is a small school, so they are building. The do have several teams like soccer, swimming and basketball. ICS competes in the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) games each year. - Sep 2015

B: Facilities are a bit limited (one small turf field and a gym; tennis courts on the roof). This should improve with the opening of new building next year. - Aug 2015

A. He has PE once a week and he is happy with it. - Jan 2015

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