For the following attributes, down to the next blank box, grade your experience at the school on a scale of A (excellent) to F (unacceptable/terrible) and provide comments:<br><br>Overall fair and equitable treatment of all students and families:

D-we are hanging onto our last thread with this school. The teachers are the only bright spot, if you are lucky to get a good one. The administration, the learning support team, and the counselors are unable to effectively support behavioral issues at this school which impact the classroom and students' education as a whole. - Dec 2015

Yes, completely. - Sep 2015

B+ - Aug 2015

A. I personally haven't had any negative experiences but I have heard some stories - mostly about the local Jordanians who send their children to the school. Not just anyone can afford the tuition here and often with financial privilege comes an entitlement attitude. - Jan 2015

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