Amman - School Report Question and Answers

How is the overall communication between teachers and parents, and the administration and parents? How is communication facilitated?

There is a lot of communication. Sometimes parents feel that it is overkill, but I like that it errs on the side of too much. I sift through what I think is important and leave the rest. - Sep 2019

Communication is really good, but I have noticed that there is a shift of the high school student becoming more and more independent, so, the parents are less involved. And that's OK. I like that! - Nov 2018

We are so pleased with how ICS takes care of everything. I have barely had to do anything concerning "problems" at school. It's the first time in years that I have not had to go to school to raise a concern. - Feb 2018

Quite good, weekly newsletter from the Head of School. Most communication is filtered through the student's advisor, a faculty member that is assigned a group of 6-7 students to watch over. As the kids are older, there is effort to work with the kids before going to the parents. - Apr 2017

From our experience, communication has usually been good or excellent between the teachers and ourselves, with only one exception in our four years at the school.

The communication from the administration, on the other hand, requires significant improvement. Our attempts to seek clarification on school policy, discuss issues concerning our children, offer constructive criticism where we saw areas which required improvement were often met with defensiveness and occasionally outright hostility, by both the principal and the superintendent. - Aug 2016

Excellent in our case. - Dec 2015

OK and getting better. It really depends on your teacher. - Sep 2015

A-: Parents get regular emails, and members of the staff are responsive to specific inquiries. - Aug 2015

A. My son's teacher is very responsive via email and she sends out a nice monthly newsletter. - Jan 2015

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