Mexico City - School Report Question and Answers

How would you rate the school's support and welcome/integration of new students and their families, and why?

Students who speak little Spanish were not well-integrated, in my opinion. The Spanish teachers do not do ANY type of accommodations or structure the class for all levels of learning. In my experience, the school does not communicate well. It often has misspelled words and contradicts itself in newsletters or other written communication. - Oct 2020

F - May 2016

B+. There are always kids transferring into the school at various times of the year so the kids are used to it and it is not so nerve-wracking for new, shy kids. Ours had no problem {at ages 8/10/12). The kids usually get a buddy in class to be shown around and there are always new family orientations. Might be nice if they had an orientation day with new families the day before school starts to walk around and meet their actual teachers and buddies. - Jan 2016

F - There isn't any. The Parent Organization, like the school, has no transparency in what it does with the money it raises. The school does not send out information or acceptance letters to families. Communication prior to the first day of school is lacking. - Jun 2014

F - Who cares if you are new? You are 10% of their worries, the others are locals, permanent residents. - Jul 2011

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