Mexico City - School Report Question and Answers

Greatest challenge?

ASF places non-Spanish speakers in a Spanish as a second language class. Our child was the ONLY student in the classroom who had to leave and go to Spanish as a Second Language. We would have preferred to challenge our child and make the transition to the school easier by keeping her with her peers. It's not really an international school because expats make up such a small percentage of the students. - May 2016

Distance. The school is a bit further than we'd like and with traffic can be a pain to just pop in if you like to be involved. Many people use taxis or UBER or get a driver so not to deal with the driving although I have plenty of friends who drive there and volunteer or whatever. I am a wimp and don't drive. However the kids seem to have no problem with the bus ride which from Polanco is about 20 minutes.. On a Friday with traffic that can be doubled. SO kids bring books and ipads. This is life in Mexico however and everybody is pretty used to it, including the students! - Jan 2016

Lack of transparency. Low academic expectations. Lack of leadership. Attitude and inflexibility of administration. Not meeting individual learning needs of students in the classroom/no differentiation/one size fits all education. - Jun 2014

Forcing Mexican subjects (Mexican constitution in Spanish in 8th grade) that do not belong to the French curriculum on French kids. - Jul 2011

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