Mexico City - School Report Question and Answers

Are there are any problems with exclusionary behavior, cliques, or bullying at this school? Please describe any problems your children may have experienced in this area.

Exclusionary behavior, especially in middle and high school. Bullying was not a big issue at all. - Oct 2020

Yes, all students do unfortunately. - May 2016

This is a huge issue for us and we chose GG for this reason. They have no bullying problems that we know of or that any of my kids have experienced. There will always be a few tough kids around but bullying is not tolerated. At times kids can get snarky on the soccer (football) field and only pass to their friends etc. I have told my kids to deal w/ this themselves and if they really feel the other kids are not sharing the ball or being unfair to tell the coach. Early on when my middle kid tried to play BB some kid said he "sucked'. My son looked at him and said " you're right'. My son immediately got a basketball hoop at home and practiced and kept playing with the kids at lunchtime and is now very good. He said a lot of the local kids will always be better than him at football also since they were born playing it but he wasn't going to stop playing just because of that. And he got better because of it. Also, the more Spanish your kid can learn the better because the local kids often speak Spanish on the sports field. It helps to know the terms. All in all it seems that the kids are always pretty happy at the school on the campus when we walk around. Kids rotate to different groups and are able to have freedom. It's a happy place... which we feel helps our kids learn better. - Jan 2016

Our child indicated that some of the local children could be rude and generally unpleasant but this was not a uniform occurrence by any means and probably is a reflection of the apparent sense of superiority and entitlement among some of the wealthy in this city as much as anything else. Generally speaking, my child feels that this is a non-issue at this school and has made friends of all stripes. - Jun 2014

No bullying but exclusion de facto by language. - Jul 2011

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