Mexico City - School Report Question and Answers

Academics, answer the following questions "yes" or "no" with an explanation if appropriate:<br><br>Are there any classes or subjects where students are not appropriately challenged?

No - May 2016

No, not really. It of course depends on the teacher. My eldest son said he wishes the English class was a bit more interesting but that changes as the term goes on so not a big deal. Sometimes I wish the Spanish classes were more challenging and interactive, for example, take the class on a field trip and make them do all the transactions alone in Spanish!. - Jan 2016

Yes. There was no challenge in any subject and the core academic work (math, language arts, etc..) done in fourth grade was almost without exception something our child had done the previous year and sometimes two years back. Our child was only challenged in Spanish to which there was no prior exposure before coming to Mexico. - Jun 2014

English. In 10 to 12th grade they have a level system which is good (from learner to bilingual) but in 8th grade they were all mixed up. Mexican students from good families are increasingly bilingual Spanish-English. Despite the good number of bilingual kids in 8th grade, they were mixed up with French kids that barely spoke. Very detrimental. We had to take a tutor to challenge our kid because what they did in class was at about 4th grade level English in the US. - Jul 2011

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