Mexico City - School Report Question and Answers

Homework assigned (quality, quantity):

B - May 2016

This varies at all grades. My 5th grader has a bit of English, spelling and Spanish every week. He has math assignment to be done on the computer. This was new to us but it is across primary that they do math on the computer. Of course the kids have no problem with this idea but need to remember to do it! The secondary students have more homework and it comes and goes. Sometimes there will be nothing and then a big project which is time consuming. Sometimes there's homework over the weekend or on a long holiday break for the eldest kid. - Jan 2016

D - Barely any at all really. Weekly spelling homework that was terribly inadequate and at a first or second grade level. There can also be project homework with little to no guidance or information from the teacher as to what is expected. There may also be handwriting homework assigned intermittently. - Jun 2014

Very variable depending on each teacher but teachers NEVER coordinate among themselves so your kid can be swamped 1 night and have nothing the next or have 3 exams the same day. - Jul 2011

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