What services are available for students with learning disabilities at this school? Please describe your experience with these services, if applicable.

They had a speech pathologist we really liked. She went into the K classes and interacted with all the kids at the start of the year. We then got an email asking if she could pull our daughter for more 1:1 testing. Later we got an email saying she qualified for speech and would be receiving services 2x a week. No IEP or formal paperwork. She made a lot of progress with her speech. - Feb 2020

We have a child who has received speech services. Although he was exited from the program, I think he still needs help. The speech teacher who was there when we first arrived was fantastic and kept us up to date with specific things he needed to work on. The one there now - not so much. Maybe my son needed to be exited, but I doubt the former speech teacher would have exited him so soon. He also has some learning issues (diagnosed ADHD) that we have mostly addressed with the classroom teacher. I think the school could have done a better job in meeting with us and the teachers and the guidance counselor altogether with our son's psychological educational evaluation, but we haven't had a meeting yet. We are leaving post in just a few months, and I think I will remind them that we need an official meeting to address concerns. The classroom teacher has done great, though, and I don't believe that my son has huge learning issues even with the diagnosis. Still, a group meeting to create an IEP has not happened. If you need an IEP for your child, just keep on it. I feel that they would accommodate. - Feb 2017

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