Reykjavik - School Report Question and Answers

What fine arts electives are available (music, drama, visual arts)?

Dance, fine art, and woodworking. - Jul 2022

Yes, they have a very good arts and music program - but it seemed that the Icelandic kids got first access so our child missed out on music classes - no availability. - Jan 2022

A - Mar 2015

B+ This is a relative question based on the number of faculty available. Due to our limited school size (population), the range of electives was relatively limited, but every teacher offered at least one elective. In addition, we had a wonderful art teacher who was passionate about her subject and a fantastic Icelandic music teacher who did a great job with the kids. Our drama department, however, needed a little more support. - Aug 2014

This varies from between semesters. The kids are exposed to a variety. I have been impressed by the art program. The children brought home a glazed clay turtle made from scratch which took weeks. I was personally amazed that they had the patience to wait for the "baking" period since most everything today is based on instant gratification. They have also took part in cooking classes and sewing. In addition, I am impressed that they have built little structures in their woodworking class and still have all their fingers attached :-). To my great surprise, both kids enjoyed woodworking immensely. I am delighted that they were exposed to a variety of activities to try things out in a safe setting. - May 2014

The creative arts program at this school is the worst I have ever seen. The art assignments are uninspired, music is nothing more than sing-a-longs, and drama is being taught by a person who was an intern last year. - Apr 2014

The school is very small and there are no electives. the school only goes to grade 7, though. - Mar 2014

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